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Getting ahead with video across the globe

The Cammio platform now speaks 6 more languages

As of today our video recruitment platform is available in 19 languages. Following our motto #loveyourcandidates we are making it easier for candidates around the globe to introduce themselves to their potential new employer using an interface in their own native language. “We already see usage of our platform in over 140 countries in the world and are more than excited to create an even smoother experience for candidates across the Nordics, Eastern Europe and Greece.” Sandhna Chintoe, Co-CEO at Cammio explains. “Since our customers always subscribe to innovation, the new languages are directly available for all platform users.”

Next to the 13 languages that were already available, the full list now includes:

🇬🇧 English  
🇳🇱 Dutch 
🇩🇪 German 
🇨🇳 Chinese  
🇩🇰 Danish (💥new) 
🇫🇮 Finnish 
🇫🇷 French 
🇬🇷 Greek (💥new) 
🇭🇺 Hungarian (💥new) 
🇮🇹 Italian 

🇯🇵 Japanese 
🇳🇴 Norwegian (💥new) 
🇵🇱 Polish 
🇵🇹 Portuguese 
🇷🇴 Romanian 
🇸🇰 Slovakian (💥new) 
🇪🇸 Spanish 
🇸🇪 Swedish (💥new) 
🇹🇷 Turkish 

Watch our team try their best to
match the platform’s new skills:

HAPPY (multilingual) HIRING!
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