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Cammio presents new and improved question library

Den Haag/ Düsseldorf, November 27th, 2019- The experts at Cammio have upgraded the question library in the recruiter interface of their award winning video recruitment platform.

The question library contains video- and text based competency questions that recruiters can use in their video interviews. The library comes with a set of pre-loaded video- and text questions. Users can add more questions to the library themselves. With the new media recorder, it’s easier than ever to record or upload a video and add it to the question library.

The library upgrade includes many more filters for accurate searching. Other than tags and competences, recruiters are now able to sort the library by searching for keywords, language or assigned recruiters. Lastly, recruiters will now be able to edit their questions in bulk, making it very easy to add or change all the new filters and tags to their questions.

Are you curious to hear more about the possibilities of the new question library? Check out the customer tutorial section or reach out to us. We’d love to tell you more!