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Cammio adds new scoring features for reviewers

Recently, two new features have been added to the Cammio platform that make scoring for reviewers more consistent.

Firstly, it is now possible to create instructions for reviewers within Cammio. Users can choose to either set up a list of criteria and definitions that apply to every template, or make the instructions specific for one template. This new functionality allows recruiters to specify more clearly the expectations of a candidate based on objective observations. Reviewers will know exactly what to look for in a candidate, and will be able to provide a substantiated opinion based on these aspects. Furthermore, the scoring will be aligned and consistent.

Another addition with regards to scoring is the addition of custom competences. Recruiters can add a maximum of four different custom scoring competences to a template, for example language- or presentation skills. It is also possible to add a custom scoring range to these competences, varying anywhere between 1 and 100. This allows reviewers to give even more precise feedback on different aspects of the video interview.Both these new additions to the reviewing of candidates are designed to deliver a reviewer experience that is consistent, unbiased and adds value for the recruiter.