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Introducing Cammio Stories: Job vacancies with video boost candidate conversion

Job vacancies with video boost candidate conversion

Den Haag/ Düsseldorf, June 25, Cammio, the award-winning European video recruitment platform, today announces the launch of video vacancy tool Cammio Stories. The new platform extension allows employers to easily co-create video content for job vacancies. Recruiters can collect, curate and publish video content about the job, tasks, working environment, team and company culture. The combined clip can be embedded on the career page or with a job posting to engage candidates to apply.

“We wanted to empower recruiters to use video throughout the candidate journey and not exclusively in employer branding campaigns or in a during a video interview. With Cammio Stories, video is now also available at the vacancy level as a solution on the Cammio platform where recruiters can collaborate with their hiring teams to engage candidates.” Cammio co-founder and CEO Walter Hueber explains.

Including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%. Producing video content can however be time-consuming, complex and expensive. Recruiters do not have the time or means to produce video content for every single position they try to fill. Cammio Stories provides a cloud-based software solution to co-create engaging video content without the need to be a professional video editor, but with full control over the video that is published. Recruiters can collect video content from their colleagues and hiring teams who can upload or record video on topics that interest candidates. Whether it is on the working environment, explaining the job content or meeting your future team members, video helps provide a more authentic story.

“The days of the text-based job description are over. Video has proven to be a very effective way for candidates to show their personality to employers, in a similar way Cammio Stories now gives employers a chance to make their personality shine!” Hueber explains. “We see a shift towards video becoming our default online language and in the ‘war for talent’ employers should not stay behind!”

Cammio Stories promises higher conversion rates, an authentic introduction of the employer brand and ultimately better matches. Cammio Stories is available to Cammio customers worldwide and enables them to show what they are made of early on in the process.

Are you curious to see Stories in action? Find out more here!