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Cammio upgrades its support chatbot for ultimate ease-of-use

The Hague/Düsseldorf, 17 June 2020- The past months Cammio has seen a steep increase in live and automated interviews conducted via the video recruitment platform around the globe. With one of their mottos being #loveyourcandidates and the knowledge that job interviews are an exciting and sometimes stressful situation in general, they aim to offer the best possible technical support to candidates.“Candidates can conduct their interview whenever, wherever and on any device they prefer, so being there for them 24/7 for guidance and support is crucial. Resolving technical difficulties of any nature in the most convenient way possible, is essential when it comes to helping candidates focus on what really matters: Getting their dream job!“, Sandhna Chintoe, Head of Client Success at Cammio explains.

The upgraded chatbot is powered by IBM Watson and comes with an extended language availability. Not only candidates, but all participants in interviews held via the Cammio platform, can receive support in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese. “Cammio clients will of course also still benefit from personal support from their trusted client success managers, whom they’ll be able to contact directly from the Cammio tool.” Chintoe emphasises.The new chatbot is already in use and will constantly be kept up-to-date based on user questions and feedback.