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Video recruitment at YARA goes global with Cammio

22. November 2014, YARA, Global solution provider for sustainable agriculture, the environment and safe and efficient industry operations, has expanded its cooperation with Cammio. The company has been using the Cammio video recruitment platform in its European based offices since 2013 as the platform of choice to interview candidates across Europe for a variety of positions in the organization. Based on the successful experience as well as positive feedback, from both hiring managers and candidates, YARA has decided to expand usage of the Cammio video recruitment platform internationally.

Their organizations in Asia Pacific and South America will now be supported by the recruitment teams in that region. This will allow the YARA regional teams to provide a best-in-class recruitment process. YARA will be using Cammio in combination with its Lumesse Talent Link applicant tracking system as integrated functionality. YARA recruiter users can create interview templates in Cammio and use them in Talent Link where they can invite, review and rate the interview recordings.

With offices in more than 50 countries and sales to more than 150 countries worldwide, YARA is an international company with production, sales and services, research and support operations in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. As Yara plans for and succeeds in growing, the company actively works to improve efficiency in their global hiring process and see the clear benefits that the use of video recruitment already offered them. A productive and visual way of pre-screening, the use of video makes it possible to easily screen candidates worldwide without costly travel, scheduling concerns while providing a great candidate and employer branding experience.