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WCN and Cammio Announce Partnership in Video Recruitment

Cammio, European video recruitment platform, and WCN, global e-Recruitment and Talent Management software provider, today announced strategic partnership in video recruitment.

This partnership will allow the Cammio video interview functionality to be available to all WCN’s customers, who will benefit from a seamless candidate pre-screening workflow to increase recruitment efficiency.

The integration of Cammio’s cloud-based video recruitment platform will enable employers and candidates to get a better first impression, as part of the pre-selection process and connect in more meaningful manner face-to-face. Connected users can easily access their existing interview templates, invite candidates and review candidate recordings in order to screen and select the best talent.

As a growing number of employers are looking for solutions to improve their recruitment processes, video recruitment is rapidly gaining momentum across the world. Cammio’s innovative end-to-end video recruitment solution helps to deliver added value for the WCN customer base in order to improve their recruitment processes.

The partnership provides customers with a tightly integrated video pre-screening workflow, this allows them to save time and valuable resources, while creating an enhanced candidate experience.

Charles Hipps, WCN’s CEO, remarks: “We are hugely excited to announce our strategic partnership with Cammio. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best tools, software and support to ensure they have an unmatchable e-recruitment solution.

“Intergrating Cammio’s video interview functionality into our software helps candidates and employers towards better hiring matches, whilst providing greater benefits from a time and cost saving perspective. The software uniquely combines live and structured video interviews within one integrated platform that is easy to use. WCN users can get direct access to the Cammio automated interview functionality by simply opting-in, with no additional development or installation, making it accessible to all.”