Webinar | Jan. 22 : Key Recruitment Tech Trends in 2019

On Tuesday 22nd of January at 11:05 am CET, we will host a free, live webinar to kickstart 2019! Together with Walter Hueber, CEO at Cammio, we will be sharing this year Key Recruitment Tech Trends to build a future-proof hiring strategy.

Rise of the machines VS. Rise of the candidate

With the democratisation of technologies in automation, machine learning and predictive hiring, what is left of the Human element in Human Resources? Helped by our latest researches in the field of AI and recruitment, we will have a look at premium candidate experiences that places talent under the spotlight.

Rising Recruitment Tech Trends in 2019

Which key technologies will help you raide the bar in candidate engagements in 2019 and beyond? Unlike the promise of Big Data a few years back, AI can now actually sort out and make sense of seemingly unrelated data points. This, amidst other trends, will be subject to discussion as we look at the upcoming tech to boost your recruitment process in 2019.

Video recruitment, candidate’s data and GDPR

Crunching and analysing ever more candidate’s data can be a serious issue in a digital age where confidentiality should be paramount. Using Video Recruitment as an example, we will go through Cammio’s efforts to secure candidates data and ensure their privacy in the GDPR-era.

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