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Cammio presents the all new Xpress Analytics

AI-powered enhanced insights into candidate’s big five personality traits!

The Hague/ Düsseldorf, 23 April 2019 – Today, Cammio Video Recruitment Experts have rolled out the updated version of their Xpress Analytics feature. The AI-powered predictive analysis tool presents recruiters a big five personality profile of every candidate based on an analysis of their video interview. The spoken text from automated video interviews is analysed by IBM’s Watson and scored on personality traits based on the OCEAN model.The all new Xpress Analytics is here!

Deeper insight into big five personality score

The all new Xpress Analytics helps recruiters understand what a candidate’s personality score actually means. The OCEAN model works with sliding scales, where each end of the spectrum represents a different personality trait. Xpress Analytics already showed the percentage a candidate scored on a certain trait. The new and improved version now also provides a short summary of characteristics associated with a high or a low score for openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. For an even deeper insight into the candidates score, Xpress Analytics allows users to zoom into the different underlying facets of each trait.Zoom in to underlying facets of the big five personality profile in the all new Xpress AnalyticsBas Dirkse, CTO at Cammio, is proud to present the enhanced feature:

“The all new Xpress Analytics provides so much more context, making it a lot easier for recruiters to interpret the candidate’s personality scores.”

Compare up to five candidates at a glance

The refreshed feature now allows users to select and compare the scores of up to five candidates, making it possible to spot differences in personalities at a glance. The tool will always show the template average to show how the selection differs from the average. Finally, Xpress Analytics will also create a personality profile based on the determining factors of candidates you have already marked as hired for this role, if applicable.Compare up to 5 candidate personality profiles in the all new Xpress AnalyticsAre you curious to see the new and improved Xpress Analytics in action? We’re excited to show you what it’s all about! Schedule a free demo or contact your client success manager for more information.