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Cammio, video interviews and GDPR

Recruitment automatically involves personal data. Securing and protecting these data is very important to us.

Personal data: 

Any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, e.g. name.


Processing means any collection, storage, processing and use of personal data by the processor (e.g. Cammio) acting on behalf of the controller (e.g. you). 
Data processing

Cammio processes and stores (personal) data of applicants and employees only on its client’s behalf. You or your company always remains the data controller and owner of the data. Cammio is the processor of the data.   

The processing is, among other things: 

  • linked to a specific purpose
    (usually within the recruiting process)  
  • data-minimising
    (no processing or storage of unnecessary data)  
  • transparent  
  • limited in time  
Processing personal data of applicants  

For the processing of a video application or a video interview, the following data is processed: 

  • Selected salutation 
  • Full name  
  • E-mail address  
  • IP address  
  • Browser User Agent  
  • Recorded video file(s)  
  • Feedback from the applicant(s), if they fill in the feedback field

Applicants actively consent to the processing of their data and are informed about the purpose of the processing and the data storage period. After expiry of the data storage period, which is determined individually by you, applicant data is irrevocably deleted or anonymised for statistical purposes so that it is no longer possible to draw conclusions about a person. 

Our client Katja Hackler from Walbusch
explains how it works.

Among many others, these recruiting teams are already working with Cammio in a GDPR-compliant manner: 

Before we can get started 🎬 

Closing the data processing agreement  (DPA)

In order for Cammio to be allowed to process applicant as well as employee data on your behalf, a data processing agreement must be signed. For this purpose, we provide a corresponding template, which is usually reviewed and approved by your data protection officer. The Technical and Organisational Measures (TOMs) are part of the order processing agreement and describe the security and protection measures regarding the processing of personal data.  


The Cammio Platform is provided in the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Webservices (AWS). Data processing as well as storage takes place on servers in the European Union (EU), Frankfurt am Main. All subcontractors of Cammio are contractually obligated to comply with the applicable data protection laws (Art. 28 DSGVO). Depending on the intended use of the Cammio platform, additional subcontractors may be used, about which we will of course also inform you.  

More information…

Your candidates should always be at the 💜 of your recruitment process and protecting their personal data is of the greatest importance. We’re here for you if you need advice concerning data privacy and IT security topics, to make sure you have all the information you need.