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How to achieve high quality employee generated content for employer branding?

Our experts share their best tips!

Employee generated content provides a genuine, insider perspective on the company culture, values, and day-to-day experiences. It can be more cost-efficient, agile and adaptable than centrally produced content. At the same time employee generated content can raise concerns when it comes to quality and consistency. That’s why you can find our experts’ best tips for high quality do-it-yourself video content production here!

First things first:

Getting relaxed in front of the camera

Getting relaxed in front of the is where it all begins. These are some tactics you could adopt to feel calmer in the spotlight:

  • Prepare a couple of bullet points but don’t get to stuck on saying each sentence exactly how you wrote it down beforehand.
  • Take a deep breath and shake it off. 🕺
  • Remove distractions that add to your nerveousity.
  • Have fun! The more you do it the easier it will get, we promise!

Choosing the perfect location

The right location sets the scene for your video. Make sure your shooting location is:

  • clean and tidy,
  • not to noisy,
  • free of distractions
  • representative of your office and organisation.

Placing your colleagues in the spotlight ✨

To make sure the starts of your video make the best impression keep these tips in mind!

  • Your main light source should be in front of you.
  • Your lighting should be continuous.
    • You can achieve continuous lighting with a lamp.
    • When working with natural light or outside. Opt for a moment when it is either completely sunny or completely cloudy.

Getting your point across

Effectively convey your message with these presentation techniques:

  • Preparation: Outline your keypoints to feel more confident.
  • Structure your content logically: Make sure you have a clear beginning, middle and ending.
  • Non-verbal communication matters when making video content. Make eye contact, be aware of your posture and emphasise your points with hand gestures.

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