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Our platform was developed with recruiters to give your candidates the attention they deserve in a fair and engaging process. Make hiring personal again!

Add personality to your recruitment process
Modern recruiting for companies with an eye for talent

Does your company still review CV’s and motivation letters as a first step of candidate selection? Our clients have positive first-hand experience of the value when going beyond the CV. Candidates are given the opportunity to present themselves beyond their experience and education, which opens doors for qualified, yet overlooked candidates.

With Cammio, hiring can be done collaboratively with a full overview of the candidate, resulting in better matches, more efficiency and a greater candidate experience. Are you ready to leave behind the bias in unstructured interviews and ready to start meeting real candidates on a platform that is fun and easy to use?

Video pitch

Why do motivation letters look so much alike? Maybe it is because they are just an efficient way of undergoing a formality in your recruitment process. Why not capture an authentic motivation with an embedded video pitch?

The open format of the video pitch helps candidates truly express why you appeal to them as an employer, while allowing their personality to shine through. With unlimited retries, but a limited recording time, it is the ideal replacement of the old-school motivation letter.

Automated Interviews

Phone interviews can be repetitive, one-dimensional and don’t give enough insights into the candidates’ personality. Since they are often used at the first stages of the recruitment process, recruiters usually find them time consuming and challenging to coordinate.

Engage candidates with a structured interview in a fair and efficient process with increased validity. Candidates can answer video or text questions with a video recording and have the flexibility to conduct their interview on any device and at a time that suits them best. See how it works →

Live interviews

Gain all the insights of a traditional face-to-face meeting, but with the added benefits of a premium online environment that is built for recruitment.  Meet candidates through your webcam individually, or together with your colleagues, across the globe, without limits.

The recording functionality allows you and your colleagues to review the completed interview, while the format allows for organic conversation and natural reactions. Cammio offers everything to help you meet talent, including scheduling, scripts and notes.


Cammio Stories provides a cloud-based software solution to co-create engaging video content for vacancies without the need to be a professional video editor, but with full control over the video that is published.

Recruiters can collect video content from their colleagues and hiring teams who can upload or record video on topics that interest candidates. Whether it is on the working environment, explaining the job content or meeting your future team members, video helps provide a more authentic story.

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Xpress Analytics

Xpress Analytics is our AI-powered predictive analysis tool, that presents recruiters a big five personality profile of every candidate based on an analysis of their video interview. The spoken text from automated video interviews is analysed by IBM’s Watson and scored on personality traits based on the OCEAN model.

Gain deeper insights into a candidates big five personality traits, zoom into the different underlying facets of each trait and compare the scores of up to five candidates.

Packed with powerful features to enhance your daily search for the best candidates
  • Easy Configuration
    Easily set up new interview templates, customise workflows and configure interview settings.

  • Question Engine
    Efficiently script and structure interviews with pre-defined competency and role-based question from the library.

  • Candidate Experience
    Provide a best-in-class experience with strong employer branding tools, an intuitive user interface and live candidate support.

  • Custom Evaluation
    Efficiently rate, score and compare candidates with your colleagues based on custom evaluation criteria.

  • Collaborative Reviewing
    Share candidate recording with in- or external stakeholders to create an collective process.

  • Ready-to-use Assessments
    Create video assessments to determine language capabilities, cultural fit and competencies.

  • ATS Integrations
    Combine Cammio video interviews with any applicant tracking system or HRIS using our API.

  • Smart Scheduling
    Plan live interviews in real-time with fit-for-purpose smart calendar entries.

  • AI-Powered Predictive Hiring
    Real-time analysis of candidates’ personality and self improving matching algorithm.

  • Multi Device
    Provide full flexibility to candidates to complete the video interview on their preferred device.

  • Reporting
    Real-time recruitment analytics at your fingertips to optimise workflows and measure success.

Everybody benefits
Built for recruitment we know that a successful platform needs to cater to both candidate, recruiter and hiring manager.


The recruitment team are the daily users of the Cammio system. Our goal is to help you qualify great candidates more efficiently than ever before and subsequently, strengthen your relationship with hiring managers. Using our system will help you create impact on the business by improving your time-to-hire and corporate branding intiatives, all with a personalized approach.

Hiring manager

Hiring managers are often faced with the challenge of being presented candidates to interview that they wouldn’t have chosen themselves. Recruiters are faced with the conundrum of trying to present good candidates, but having little input from the hiring manager throughout the process. Our platform provides a short visual first impression to evaluate in a collaborative way, prior to the in-house interview, that suits both parties.


Talent acquisition begins with great talent. We make the candidate the ultimate VIP in the Cammio platform. Our legacy in employer branding means we are committed to providing candidates with a best-in-class candidate experience. While they may only use Cammio once, they should have a great impression and leave knowing what a great company you are.

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