Video Messaging

Stand out in any inbox: Add a personal touch to every message you send- video style!

Say bye to spam and hello to video!
Bring your messages to life with Cammio clips

Gone are the days of copy-pasting when reaching out to candidates, customers or partners. Show people that you care and you will be rewarded with their interest and trust. An added bonus: you will save time you would usually spend writing emails too!

Clips makes recording and sharing personalised video messages super easy. Just say whatever it is you need to share and a link will take the receiver to your message in a secure branded environment that shows your contact details right beside your video. The Clips Chrome extension makes sure you can record video messages as soon as the thought crosses your mind, directly from your browser.

Why one-to-one candidate videos matter
Increase click & reply rates
Make the receiver feel special
Reduce time invested in writing emails
Engage in a fully branded environment
Can't wait to hit that ⏺RECORD button?

We know you are eager to get started with recruitment video messaging and knock your candidates off their socks. No problem! We’re happy to tell you more about the the power of video in candidate attraction and engagement.

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