Video interviews

Why limit yourself to text-based candidate history on a CV? Video interviews help assess potential and bring color to your pre-selection!

Video interviewing platform for organisations with an eye for talent

Employers and staffing agencies on the Cammio platform, work with the daily reality that talent should be valued for its rich complexity and the potential that someone can bring to an organisation or team. Video interviews give candidates the opportunity to present themselves beyond their experience and education, which opens doors for qualified, yet often overlooked candidates. With Cammio, hiring can be done collaboratively with a full view of the candidate, resulting in better matches, more efficiency and a fairer candidate experience.

Automated video interviews

Phone interviews can be repetitive, one-dimensional and don’t give enough insights into the candidates’ personality. Since they are often used at the first stages of the recruitment process, recruiters usually find them time consuming and challenging to coordinate.

Engage candidates with a structured interview in a fair and efficient process with increased validity. Candidates can answer video or text questions with a video recording and have the flexibility to conduct their interview on any device and at a time that suits them best.

Live video interviews

Gain all the insights of a traditional face-to-face meeting, but with the added benefits of a premium online environment that is built for recruitment.  Meet candidates through your webcam individually, or together with your colleagues, across the globe, without limits.

The recording functionality allows you and your colleagues to review the completed video interview, while the format allows for organic conversation and natural reactions. Cammio offers everything to help you meet talent, including scheduling, scripts and notes.

Video Pitch

Why do motivation letters look so much alike? Maybe it is because they are just an efficient way of undergoing a formality in your recruitment process. Why not empower genuine candidate motivation with video directly embedded in your application form?

The open format of the video pitch helps candidates truly express why you appeal to them as an employer, while allowing their personality to shine through. With unlimited retries, but a limited recording time, it is the ideal replacement of the old-school motivation letter.

Smart Scheduling

Scheduling interviews is one of the most time-consuming parts of the recruitment process and often causes both unnecessary delays and frustration – adding to the risk of losing valuable talent. With variables of multiple participants, busy calendars, and delays in communication, scheduling too often simply is highly inefficient.

The smart scheduling tool is fit-for-purpose and makes it possible to plan live interviews in real-time – allowing recruiters and hiring managers to put full focus on candidate engagement to strengthen the candidate experience.

Why you should get started with video interviews today
  • Capture an authentic, personal motivation

  • Engage with more candidates

  • Record, review and score interviews together

  • Increase fairness and validity

  • Save travel costs and time

  • Easy to coordinate and schedule

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Are you ready to leave behind the bias in unstructured interviews and ready to start meeting real candidates on a platform that is fun and easy to use?

Our experts are excited to show you all the ways in which the power of video can optimise your recruitment processes.

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