We believe in an open, integrated and collaborative business model.

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Being an expert means that we know what we excel at and where to find complementary expertise. We believe that we can achieve so much more if we work together with specialists in HR Tech. Our market-leading API allows us to integrate with any other technology seamlessly.

Collaboration goes a lot further than simply connecting two systems to provide an integrated workflow. Working together means joining forces in research projects, but also market education and development. We are proud to contribute to a growing HR Tech ecosystem, giving talent access to their future.

Integration partners

We have successfully integrated with a range of external software providers, based on our belief that recruitment SaaS platforms should be specialized and interoperable. Recruitment processes should be uniquely tailored to the specific needs and requirements of employers. This will most often result in a combination of tools and technologies. Candidates should enjoy a seamless application experience across these different elements. Cammio offers an extensive REST API integration framework (HR XML 3.2 compatible) allowing for easy integrations with a variety of different (technology) integration partners. This is not limited to Applicant Tracking Systems, but also includes assessment providers and other HR technology providers.

Solution partners

We like to work together with local recruitment specialists across sectors and geographies to ensure a relevant local offering and in-depth market knowledge. This includes Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), HR technology solution providers and local market specialists. They have been able to translate our recruitment technology proposition into a market relevant solution.  We work with a range of specialized service providers who also have in-depth market or industry knowledge and can help employers design and implement an effective recruitment process that puts talent at the heart of the process.

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Our extensive partner network includes leading HR software providers and local market experts
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Join our ecosystem of partners and let's be great together!