Video interviews integrated in HROffice

Save time and deliver maximum results with our easy-to-use integration
Why video recruitment works
Our easy-to-use integrations save time for recruiters and deliver maximum results.

Over the past years, video recruitment has become the norm in candidate screening and selection. Using video in your recruitment process:

| saves costs,
| leads to a shorter time-to-hire
| and provides a great candidate experience.

The Cammio platform offers tools to add video to every step of the candidate journey. We’ve created a market-leading API to seamlessly integrate Cammio with your HR Office applicant tracking system.

Automated video interview
How does it work?

The Cammio platform has successfully integrated with HROffice, a modular ATS that delivers great candidate experience and opportunities for attracting top talent. With this integration, recruiters can easily connect an open vacancy in HROffice to a Cammio video interview and directly invite candidates. After the candidate has completed its interview, recruiters can view, rate and share the videos in their familiar HROffice environment – easy as that!

About HR Office

HROffice is the software partner for all your recruitment and HR issues. Manage your entire recruitment process with easy-to-connect Applicant Tracking System (ATS). They also offer an interactive Referral Tool and have the solution for stimulating the career development of your employees through their internal mobility tool “Mobility”. They guarantee effective personnel planning with their “Workforce Management” solution.


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