Cammio Video Recruiting in Recruitee

Recruitee + Cammio
= the next level candidate and recruiter experience
  • Enhanced employer brand

  • An unique candidate experience

  • An efficient & flexible process

  • A Shortened time-to-hire

  • Better matches

  • A structured and fair approach

Video recruiting in Recruitee
Personal, fair, engaging and timesaving



The integration between Cammio and Recruitee allows you to easily interact with Cammio from Recruitee. All your Cammio video interview templates are visible in Recruitee to invite candidates for video interviews with a simple click. Once the candidate has completed the video interview you can easily access it from the candidate’s page in Recruitee to evaluate with your team.

Select & Hire - video style

Recruitment efficiency with automated video interviews

Automated interviews can play a vital role in speeding up recruitment processes by making them more flexible for all involved. Recruiters, hiring managers and candidates get the chance to get to know each other in an efficient and authentic manner while being completely independent from timezones and meeting locations.

Janshen-Hahnraths Group, a strong player in the Dutch gaming industry with some 60 years of expertise, is using the advantages of Cammio Video Recruiting in Recruitee
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