Hiring Success!

With video interviews integrated in SmartRecruiters

How do videos contribute to your hiring succes?

Video is no longer a just a trend but rather the new way of thinking about recruitment. There are multiple benefits to video-powered talent acquisition processes. Automated video interviews are efficient and convenient for both candidate and recruiter as they do not require them to be in the same place or even the same time zone to be able get to know each other. Due to their structured, GDPR-compliant nature automated video interviews help to reduce bias and the fact that recorded interviews can easily be shared and reviewed together, makes them a perfect facilitator for collaborative hiring!

How does it work?
Cammio and Smartrecruiters have joined forces so that recruiters, hiring managers and candidates can benefit from the power of video for ultimate hiring success!

Video recruiting is a specialised technology that should be perfectly in sync with your broader HR infrastructure. Therefore we’ve put a lot of passion and effort into creating a seamless integration that allows you to access your video interviews directly from your SmartRecruiters interface.

You can easily send out invitations to video interviews from the candidate profile in SmartRecruiters, where you will also have access to the interviews once they are completed.

Engage and recruit talent better and faster than ever before.
Better matches
Increased hiring velocity
Great candidate experience
Fair and engaging
Curious to learn more?

Our experts are happy to show you around the Cammio video recruitment platform and give you a grand tour of the integration with SmartRecruiters. Just leave your details and we’ll be in touch soon.


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