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Scroll down to see the core functionalities of our award winning video recruitment platform. Interested to learn more? Request a call back to schedule a free in-depth product demo!

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Product tour

Scroll down to see the core functionalities of our award winning video recruitment platform. Interested to learn more? Request a call back to schedule a free in-depth product demo!

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Easy Configuration

Easily set up new vacancies and customize your interview workflows to create a tailored process that will help you meet your recruitment objectives.

No candidate or vacancy is alike. We have built our Cammio platform to help you achieve the desired results with highly flexible and customizable settings. Simply put, you remain in the driver’s seat when using our video recruitment platform. Easily switch between video pitch, automated or live interviews as necessary throughout different stages of your recruitment process. Set-up your own interview settings including language, answering time, recording options and interview deadlines with just a few simple clicks.

Choice in interview types | Easy configuration | Customizable workflow


Question Library

Manage your interview questions in the Cammio question library. Create your own or use our Question Engine to efficiently script and structure your interviews.

Manage your interview content in the Cammio question library. You can add your own questions in video and text to be used in your custom interview templates. We also provide the Cammio Question Engine, offering you pre-defined competency- and role-based interview questions. Scripting interviews has never been easier. Create ready to use interview templates in only a few minutes. You are in control of the interview and can involve hiring managers in scripting them. You may even invite them to record questions.

Video and text questions | Question Engine | Tag and filter


Great user experience

Upgrade your recruitment process and enhance your candidate experience at the same time with strong employer branding tools and an intuitive user interface.

Our easy-to-use technology and custom branded interview environment ensure a best-in-class candidate experience. Just add your employer branding videos from YouTube, include documents and create custom email templates to personalize the candidate interface. Our intuitive user interface and accessible support via live chat or email ensure a best-in-class candidate experience. Modern technology on both desktop and mobile offers an easy process where candidates can conduct their video interview anywhere and at anytime.

Easy and intuitive process | Branded experience | Mobile enabled


Review candidates instead of CV’s

Get a full view of your candidates and collaboratively review candidate recordings online to efficiently select the best matching candidates for your team.

Meet the person behind the CV and get a better, more complete impression with a video recording. Watch candidate recordings online and compare their answers or record live interviews. Provide textual feedback and add candidate ratings. You may even rate and compare individual answers. All from the comfort of your home on PC, tablet or mobile. You now have access to real candidates anywhere and at anytime.

Great first impression | Feedback and rating | Easily evaluate candidates


Collaborative process

Securely share candidate recording with in- or external stakeholders to involve them in the process and make informed hiring decisions.

Hiring decisions are rarely made alone. Ask your colleagues or client for interview feedback, regardless of where they are located. Send specific segments or entire interviews to your hiring stakeholders and enable them to efficiently review and rate from their desktop or mobile devices. Reviewers’ watch and review candidate recordings in a custom branded and easy-to-use interface to create a great user-experience.

Involving process | In- and external sharing | Branded interface



All the insights you need to track and optimize your video recruitment processes with our comprehensive graphical monitoring dashboard.

You always want to make sure that you stay on top of things. With our Cammio reporting dashboard you have a detailed overview of your activity at your disposal. Always easy access to customized data views and key metrics in one combined overview. Providing insights into metrics such number of completed interviews, candidate ratings, conversion rates and top-lists. The Cammio dashboard enables you to easily track and optimize recruitment funnels per vacancy or period.

Visual dashboard | Easily analyze processes | Customized data and metrics

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