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Boost engagement with video vacancies

Every vacancy deserves a video

To create a Story, simply invite your colleagues to contribute.

You can embed your Story on the website or share it via a link as soon as the answers are submitted.

Why you should use stories:

✓ Increase applications

✓ Easy co-creation

✓ Maximise conversions

✓ Build your employer brand

Questions you could have about using Stories:

You don’t necessarily need to invite someone to record an answer. Also, you can record or upload the answer yourself. Just skip the part where you invite someone to record an answer and add the videos on the question tab.

Yes, to generate the Story later on we need a question and the related answer. However, you can also just write a sentences or a claim – it doesn’t need to be a question itself.

We don’t have a download functionality for recruiters yet. Please ask your client success manager.

Psssst… Stories 2.0. is coming soon! We will launch some really nice new features…

Get in touch with the client success team

Reach out whenever you have a question, want to talk about your recruitment strategy or need some video inspiration.

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