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Video interviewing software for the public sector

Assess more candidates in less time in a fair & standardised process

With Cammio automated video interviews you can ensure GDPR compliance, reduce hiring delays and create flexibility for all involved.

Join these public sector recruitment teams in video-powered, structured hiring:
Beter matches
Improvement in Quality-of-Hire: +40%
Candidate satisfaction: 9/10
Decrease in Time-to-Hire: -30%

Say goodbye to unstructured and inefficient recruitment

Traditional Phone Interview
  • No collaborative hiring early-on in the process: Only recruiters assess first impression
  • Random and vulnerable to bias
  • Inflexible for candidates
Video Interview
  • Increased objectivity: The entire hiring team can get a first impression without wasting the candidates time
  • Structured and competency-based
  • Flexible in time and location

With Cammio, you increase validity, comply with GDPR and offer more flexibility to the candidate

Invitation to conduct a video interview

Get to know all applicants personally in a standardised process.

Assess your candidates

Assess collaboratively with your hiring team from the very start.


Welcome the best matching talent to your team.

Automated video interviews have helped us to broaden our talent pool. If a CV is not particularly convincing, the video interview gives applicants the chance to introduce themselves better. With a video interview, we can look at more applicants in less time, allowing more applicants to reach the second round.”

Lorena Esser, Recruiting & Employer Branding at Kaufland e-commerce

Get started with video interviews today!