Video-Powered Graduate Recruitment
Recruit the best young talent easier, faster and more effectively


❤ Diversity of thought
Bringing fresh perspectives, a new source of energy, and different views on workplace expectations. young people play a key role in fostering innovation and challenging the status quo.

❤ Creating a corporate learning environment
Since youthful employees require more training, coaching and development to align themselves with the organisation, they are a driving force in creating a learning environment.

Investment into a long-term career with your organisation
Ensure that highly needed talent is continuously brought to your organisation, that can be shaped into tomorrow’s leaders.


✹ High volumes
Globally the number of students enrolled in higher education is forecast to grow by 200% trough 2040. Given this increasing number of graduates, many organisations will be dealing with a large number of applicants.

✹ Fierce competition
Competing in the ‘war for talents’ is one of the top challenges for recruiters today. Motivations and expectations have dramatically changed and candidates are making informed choices on where and under which conditions they want to work.

✹ High turnover
Hiring graduates means employers need to take some risks and invest in training in coaching. High turnover rates can make this investment go to waste.

How video can help

▶ Enhanced candidate experience
The integration of video pre-screening offers graduate recruiters a way to provide a modern experience that engages talent throughout the process and positions the company as a great place to work.

▶ Better matches
Graduate recruiters using video are able to get a better first impression earlier in the process, easily share candidate recordings with their hiring managers and increase the likelihood to select only the best candidates.

▶ Save time and resources
Screen a high volume of candidates in less time using automated video interviews or a video pitch.

“The future of work is about taking risks and sponsoring different ways of working. Entertain different ways in which people are productive. This seems to be especially true across generations.”

Celeste Warren, VP of Human Resources and Global Diversity and Inclusion at Merck

Supercharge your graduate recruitment project

Are you planning a graduate recruitment campaign and looking for ways to provide an outstanding candidate experience while also managing time and resources effectively? The Cammio graduate recruitment package enables you to rock that campaign in a breeze!

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Case Study: Global Graduate Recruitment at Kantar

Kantar, home to some of the world’s leading research, data and insights expertise, has been using automated video interviews to recruit for graduate trainees and entry level positions since May 2018. This resulted in a fair and consistent structured process, that helped reduce bias and improve efficiency.

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Whitepaper: Video-Powered Graduate Recruitment

Organisations that want to create a basis for long-term success need to make sure their company is able to innovate and adapt to dynamic markets. Bringing fresh blood, innovative energy and new ideas, young employees play a key role in driving innovation in the workplace. Take a deep dive into the graduate recruitment landscape, recruitment challenges and possible solutions in this whitepaper.

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