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Video recruiting software for graduate recruitment

Recruit the best graduates faster

Our video recruitment tool helps campus recruiters to streamline their graduate selection process with the help of automated video interviews

…already hire trainees faster with Cammio.

Endlessly scanning similar CVs in search of the best young talent

As a graduate recruiter, you’re flooded with a large number of applicants who seem very similar on paper. With the CV and diplomas as the most important basis for the assessment, it is difficult to find out which applicants really fit in with the values, culture and requirements of your company.

Assessment based on diplomas and CV

❌ hard to recognise talent in CVs with little differentiating experience.
❌ Mom or ChatGPT wrote the motivation letter.
❌ Assessment of all documents slows the process down.

Assessment based on video interview

✅ Qualitative pre-selection based on personality and cultural fit.
✅ More candidates get the chance to introduce themselves in less time.
✅ The hiring teams can continue conversations with the best matches quickly.

Hire the best graduates faster with automated video interviews in 3 simple steps

Invitation to the video interview

Allow candidates to introduced themselves to you when and how it suits them best

Assess candidates

Assess collaboratively with the hiring team from the beginning


Enrich your team with the best matching young talent

“We use Cammio for positions where we rely heavily on social skills because we can pick up on this part in video interviews extremely well.”

Theresa Glinzerer & Margaritha Witzmann recruit graduates at Deloitte Austria

Ready to start hiring the best graduates faster too?