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This year millions of people in Europe woke up in a war.

Therefore the Cammio team wants to do two things instead of a Christmas gift this year:

Help, by introducing you to the initiatives of three volunteers with very different approaches. We’ve already supported them and will continue to do so- hopefully with your help.
– Draw attention to what refugees go through and promote understanding, tolerance and belief in potential. People are so much more than CVs and flawless cover letters. Let’s never forget that!

#lenne stadt hilft 💪

The team around Matthäus is doing an incredible job: they organise drivers, vans and relief supplies on a voluntary basis and transport them to the Kharkiv region near the border to Russia. Thanks to their contacts in the region from the last two tours, they know exactly what is needed where and when. For example, medical supplies for a children’s hospital, generators, warm clothing, etc. are on the agenda for the next tour (leaving on 9 January 2023).

From running a recruiting business to running an aid van. That’s what can happen when you wake up in a war one day. This is the story of Andrew Stetsenko, founder of, who lives in the Dnipro region. Andrew has brought his wife & child out of the country and is collecting donations and driving goods in his van to where they are needed.

Andrew’s Aid Van 🚐

Better bedtime stories 🌟

More than 2 million Ukrainian children have become refugees overnight. Would you like to bring some light and hope into their lives? Better Bedtime Stories is about sending them interactive book sets with comforting stories – read by those who had to stay in their home country. You can watch a heartbreaking video here.