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We’re on a mission

to connect candidates and employers – with video.

No talent to waste

Cammio was founded in 2013 by a team of employer branding experts to add personality to the CV. Our founding motto “no talent to waste” described both a clear focus on talent and a sense of urgency (no time to waste). In the following years we have built an amazingly simple set of tools to help talent value talent… with video.

Get ahead with video

Our global client base uses Cammio to advance the power of video throughout their entire talent discovery journey. Delivering a rich, collaborative experience engaging, connecting and matching with talent. Our mission throughout the years has remained unchanged: help ever more organisations embrace video as the new norm in hiring.

Get to know our teamCammio style!

Sandhna Chintoe
Dimitri Knysch
Bas Dirkse
Franziska Dieckhans
Partner Success Manager
Sergio Robles de Medina
Product Owner & Design Lead
Timo Kaesbach
Ruby on Rails Full-Stack Developer
Marcel Rouwenhorst
Lead Developer
Nikola Bergmann
Business Development Manager
Annie Burkhardt
Marketing Manager
Joëlla de Graaf
Growth Hacker
Bram Kersten
Video Producer
Alina Schweer
Head of Client Success
Nancy Orzazewski
Client Success Manager
Leonard Hakker
Client Success Manager
Monique Anderson
Operations Assistant

Let’s talk!

We are a truly networked company and believe that we are better together.
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