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10 top recruitment memes and videos to re-energize your day

Our work forms a major part of our (adult) lives, and hopefully, we love what we do. However, even if we love our job 99% of the time, there are always those ‘off-the-record moments’ in our workday.

To help you kick start your day, we’ve compiled some of the best recruitment memes, videos, and pics from around the web where you can turn to when you need to lighten the mood. They perfectly describe the thoughts probably every hiring professional has once in a while.

Take a look. We hope you enjoy them and give you a chuckle or two! Because everything is nicer when you do it with a smile. Happy Hiring!

#1 Candidate love

the look of a recruiter

#2 When working in HR

When working in HR

#3 Finding the perfect candidate

Finding the perfect candidate

#4 Some of the stuff all recruiters say

#5 And I will recruit you

I will recruit you

#6 Loving your hiring manager

loving your hiring manager

#7 Meet Recruiter Dad: Because Recruiting is More Than a Job, It’s a Lifestyle

#8 Being a miracle worker

taking a resume

#9 The recruiter spirit

recruiter spirit

#10 The power of employer branding

employer branding

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