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A short note about language barriers in recruitment, is it truly an obstacle?

Just recently I received an email in a language I don’t speak. Using my favourite translation tool Deepl, I managed to understand the message and was also able to reply in a proper way. Deepl is a tool that uses machine learning to become better and to also recognise context. It got me thinking about how the evolution of the internet is helping us remove barriers, such as language.

Is there a language barrier in recruitment?

As the internet keeps on evolving, borders are disappearing more and more and we have arrived in a world where everyone “speaks” the same language. Or do we?

I feel like everyone nowadays speaks English but your knowledge of the language may be very different than mine. Especially if we take this into a business context.

To overcome these obstacles there are lots of tools you can use, just like I do with my emails. There are suppliers out there that offer language tests for recruitment purposes. However, they can be quite costly and candidates would also be able fool you.
I have even heard that some candidates, when provided with a call as a test, would have other people call in in their place so they could pass a telephone interview.

In that light, have you ever thought about using pre-recorded video as a language test?

Using Video Interview to better assess Candidates

In my modest opinion this is the perfect combination of using video interviewing to find out about the personality and the motivation of a candidate, and an online (language) assessment.

The way many of our clients incorporate the language test in their interview is to add one or more questions in the local language and also incorporate some questions in the language that suits the company culture. This offers them the insights that they need regarding the language skills of their candidate as well as a fun experience for candidates performing the interview.

At Cammio, we’re also putting effort towards removing language barriers. The Cammio platform is available in over 10 languages – to suit both the candidate and recruiters needs.

In the end it’s always about finding the perfect fit for the role you have and your company’s needs – After all, a smile has no language barriers!

Happy hiring.
Fröhliche Rekrutierung.
Joyeux recrutement.
Buena contratación.
Fijne werving.

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