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Need for Speed: 3 tips to increase recruitment efficiency

With organisations seeking opportunities for growth and job markets heated up, both demand and competition for qualified talent are at an all time high. With the war for talent being very real again, hiring experts are increasingly being challenged to find improved methods of candidate screening and increase recruitment efficiency. The need for speed in hiring is more pressing than ever before and it’s time for companies to hit the accelerator.

Time to hire is still one of the most used methods to measure recruitment success. Ironically, hiring processes are taking longer and longer. According to research by Glassdoor the length of interview processes has increased globally over the past few years. In the U.S., the average process now takes 23.8 days (five years earlier, this was only 13 days). In Europe, the average hiring process takes even longer. French job candidates report the longest duration at 38.9 days, followed by Switzerland at 37.6 days, Italy and Belgium (both 36 days).

Fast track recruiting

As today’s top talent comes and goes in the blink of an eye, these long processes are holding companies back from filling needed roles – resulting in higher cost, lower workforce productivity and frustrated hiring teams. Enough reasons to see why this trend should be reversed. Here are 3 tips to help you increase recruitment efficiency and speed up your hiring process.

#1: Communicate a clear and authentic candidate profile

Make sure that the job profile is crystal clear from the very beginning. A good job description is the basis for every following step of the recruitment process. Work together with the hiring manager to define the candidate profile and make sure to not limit yourself to required skills and competences. Pay increased attention to other important facets like experience, personality traits, and cultural fit. Effective hiring starts with knowing whom to look for and communicating this clearly. Why not make a video vacancy to give candidates an authentic impression of what you have to offer? It will not only allow you to identify candidates faster, but also to advertise the role better or source the right talent, leading to better matches – and a faster hiring process.

#2: Utilise your network

Why start from scratch when you have an internal referral network that you can easily utilise? Notify your employees about the job opening. This way you don’t only give them a chance to apply themselves, but you also encourage colleagues to help identify potential new hires from within their own professional networks. Whether you choose to promote the job internally or decide to focus on creating a strong employee referral program, both methods will significantly cut down recruitment time. An article by HR technologist indicates that employees hired via referrals come in 55% faster than those sourced through career sites. Take initiative and invest in building a talent pipeline to find the best talent faster and speed up your hiring process!

#3: Create a streamlined process

Have a critical look at your hiring process to identify the bottlenecks. Which steps are causing delay and how could they be improved? Modern technologies offer great opportunities to improve processes and increase recruitment efficiency. The pre-selection phase is often one of the most time-consuming parts of the hiring process. A proven method to enhance and accelerate this part of the process is the use of video recruitment. Video interviews allow recruiters to screen more candidates in less time while still gathering a complete impression of the candidate to identify the best talent. It allows you to place a higher emphasis on the actual personality fit and adds flexibility to the process for both recruiter, candidate and hiring manager. Video interviews will help you accelerate talent acquisition and provide a more engaging process for all parties involved.

In order to land the best talent for your company, speed is of the essence. Taking steps to streamline your process and cutting out the inefficiencies will help capture the best talent, staying ahead of your competitors. Start with a clear candidate profile and utilise your network to source potential hires as fast as possible. Then optimise your interview process to connect with candidates faster. In recruitment, every day counts. Speed up your hiring timeline and help ensure you get the talent your company needs.

Happy Hiring!

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