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Beating the odds at the Candidate Casino

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Candidate Casino! A place where you can have a good time, bet big and forget about your worries. Leave all your hiring decisions over to the Recruitment Roulette, or try to find the perfect candidate by reading their poker face at the poker table. And remember: The house ALWAYS wins.

There’s no better way to get in the casino mood than by listening to some Elvis. Enjoy!

Place your bets

There are many games to play here at the Candidate Casino. We’ll start easy and try our luck at the Selection Slots. By pulling the lever on the one-armed bandit we’re looking to get three of the same figures: The candidate’s personality, the candidate’s skills and the company’s requirements. How do you decide which slot machine to put your quarter in?
Selection Slots
Looking through a pile of CVs might be the traditional way to find the perfect match, but it’s not the most effective at determining someone’s personality. Using video can help you better understand the personality of your candidate which means your bet will be much better informed.

Our tip: At Selection Slots, we’re playing the machine that uses video interviews – the best chance of getting three cherries in a row!

Upping the Ante

Next game up, let’s play a game of Big Five Blackjack. Here, we’re looking to match an Ace (personality of the candidate) to a face card (personality of the company) to get a perfect score of 21.
Big Five Blackjack
Using Cammio’s Xpress Analytics, you are able to analyse a candidate’s personality based on the Big Five personality traits. This way, you’ll always get the perfect 21 – it’s like counting cards! *

*Please be advised to not count cards in an actual casino. Seriously, you’ll get in trouble for that.

Going all-in

Still feeling lucky? Join me at the Recruitment Roulette table. There are 38 numbers on a classical roulette wheel, and there is no way of knowing which number the ball will land on. By betting on multiple numbers at once, you have a better chance of winning something but your return will be lower. At Recruitment Roulette, however, spreading is not an option: We want to find the ONE candidate that is the perfect match for the company and the job description.
Recruitment Roulette
The stakes are high on this one! The odds are 1:38 and you will go all-in on just one candidate! Which one? Let us help:

Out of the 38 applicants, the initial selection by CV and video pitch left 12 matches based on skills and experience. Invite them all for an automated interview. After this, there are 3 candidates whose personality you think might match your company.

The odds are getting much better already, but of course we want to be 100% certain of this bet. That’s why you can invite the 3 remaining candidates for a live interview. Using a script, you can ensure that you ask each candidate the same questions. After reviewing the live interviews, you’ll have your one candidate left. We have a winner!

No more bets, please

Time for one last game of shooting Candidate Craps. The best part of shooting craps is that all players at the table win together. At Cammio, we believe in winning together. We’re driven to help you succeed, that’s why our client success team is ready to help you with your onboarding, client trainings, and more.
Recruitment should not be about odds and wagers, it should be about making well-informed decisions and hiring candidates who will be successful in your company. That’s why we ask, kindly: No more bets, please. Time to beat the odds, hire for personality!

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