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The power of integrations

Nowadays, everything revolves around process optimisation and efficiency – and recruitment is not staying behind! The competition never sleeps, and qualified applicants are currently rare. The general credo is therefore faster, better, and more sustainable.  

And what does Cammio have to do with this?

The use of video recruitment itself already offers enormous potential for optimising recruiting processes – from outreach to selection (one could fill entire pages on this topic alone). What further boosts companies’ efficiency is integrating Cammio video recruitment into their existing HR ecosystem, usually their applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS is the heart of every recruitment team! This is where applications are screened, interviews are scheduled, hiring decisions are made, and much more. Individual building blocks along the application and hiring process must be able to be integrated within the ATS in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit – including video recruitment! 

Besides applicant tracking systems, Cammio can also be integrated into assessment tools or individual HR solutions. In practice, the Cammio automated interviews are mostly used within an integration. They allow personal, qualitative, and structured interviews early in the recruiting process. Moreover, Cammio of course also supports the integration of further video recruitment functionalities of our platform. 

Cammio in the HR Tech landscape

Get to know the advantages of using Cammio integrated!

How does the integration of Cammio into my existing systems work?  

It’s simple! Cammio offers an extensive REST API that is continuously being developed.

💭 API…what? Do I need to know that? No, don’t worry! Simply put, an API makes seamless communication or connection to external systems possible. Here is a rough and brief insight into what an integrated process for Cammio automated interviews might look like: 

💭 That’s too technical for me! No problem! Both our Client & Partner Success Team and our Development Team provide support during integration planning, implementation and go-live. So, we are always at your side. Leave the technical details to us and focus on your candidates.  

By the way: we already have about 30 standard integrations, so you don’t always have to start from scratch 😉

What do I have to do to use Cammio integrated?

You already use Cammio? Then simply contact your Client Success Manager for initial information and an overview of the next steps. Together you will evaluate important points like: Does a standard integration between Cammio and your HR system already exist? If so, what does the existing integration look like? Are there any special requirements for the integration? As soon as all important questions have been answered, the integration can be planned, activated, or built, and tested. After successful testing comes the best part: the Go Live! From here on, you and your team can use Cammio integrated in your HR system! 

You don’t use Cammio yet?  
Our team is looking forward to meeting you and introducing Cammio to you personally and individually.

Why integrations have always been important to us 

It’s simple! Because together we achieve more! We at Cammio are video recruitment experts. For other topics there are other experts J. If we bring together your knowledge and experience, the expertise of other HR tech experts and ours, we can create recruitment processes and experiences that inspire candidates and hiring teams! Integration solutions are the key and therefore an important focus for us to be able to contribute to exactly this. 

More information

To ensure that your candidates are always at the center of the recruitment process, your workflows should be as simple and efficient as possible. We would be happy to evaluate the integration possibilities of Cammio in relation to your existing HR systems with you.