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“I have a box full of HR Tech toys, want to play?”

Last week I followed a thread on Linkedin on a disappointed candidate who never heard back after his many CV uploads, followed by a response from a recruiter saying she is overloaded with emails asking to check out their CV and not having enough time to respond or meet. Situations like the above are obviously not new and, with the pressure on recruitment further increasing, the mismatch will only grow in size and frequency.

I think at this point most recruiters know there is something that can be fundamentally improved; my guess is that this is a key reason why many recruiters start for themselves. However, until this moment, I am afraid that candidates are at the mercy of the black hole database uploads as the only way to chance upon an invitation for an interview (apart from networking of course). At the same time, recruiters will continue to pick some of the uploaded CVs from that database, leaving the rest hanging somewhere until the moment an algorithm highlights that CV again.

Availability of HR Tech tools

Current advancements in HR technology offer really great opportunities that can make the whole process much more pleasant for both candidate and recruiter. The broad availability of SaaS recruitment software makes it easier than ever to find an effective solution for almost every challenge faced. From overall HR management platforms to more specialized solutions like e-assessments, video interviewing or cultural matching, when implementing the right combination of tools, process efficiency can be greatly improved, possibilities to engage with talent enhanced and the risk of bad hires decreased.

Connecting Lego, Duplo and Playmobil

However, adding multiple software tools will not necessarily improve processes or save time. In fact, it can actually cost a great deal more if the process mapping is not properly done or the team is not fully committed to working accordingly. The moment a new technology does not deliver as expected, we often place blame on the technology itself and then revert to our old ways of doing things as quickly as possible. The truth is, however, that most technology failures have nothing to do with the product itself, but are caused by bad implementation or wrong application.

The HR Tech store is full of the latest toys to make life as a recruiter a bliss. Some of the developments are really great and offer a lot of value to an organization. Others can add workload. So when you do scout for great new platforms, define your pain points and look for matching vendor partners that will not only sell you a piece of innovative software, but also know the importance of helping you implement this in your team and in your process.


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