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Cammio launches world’s first mobile web-based video interview

European video recruitment platform Cammio announced today the launch of the world’s first web-based video interview application, as part of its new mobile video recruitment solution suite for candidates. The solution suite features both an installation-free web-based mobile video interviewing application for Android devices, and an installed application for iOS devices. The Apps enable an industry-leading, end-to-end mobile video interview workflow for job applicants on the Cammio platform. Candidates can easily access their video interview from their mobile device anywhere and at anytime. Built on the latest mobile communication technologies, the candidate mobile solution suite complements the existing Cammio recruiter Apps. This is another example of Cammio’s innovative offerings to employers and candidates around the world, centred around a best-in-class candidate experience.

The Cammio mobile candidate solution suite revolutionizes the recruitment process by allowing candidates to initiate and complete their entire video application process from their mobile device. Walter Hueber, CEO of Cammio, explains: ‘’ As mobile devices continue to outsell traditional computers, we will see a growing contingent of users who rightfully expect an end-to-end mobile application process. Offering candidates an installation-free video interview workflow whenever possible is at the heart of our development philosophy. This obviously also includes mobile devices. We are very proud to have now achieved this on Android devices as the first video recruitment provider globally, strengthening our technology leadership in the industry.”

Allowing candidates to add personality to their CV has never been easier. Candidates who access their interview from an Android smartphone are now automatically redirected to a web-based mobile video interview, whereas iOS users are redirected to the App store. Candidates can answer selection questions, enter their personal data and record their video pitch or interview answers right from their mobile device. Both Android and iOS applications support open and invitation-based automated video interviews. This time-and-place shifting video interview experience increases the accessibility of the recruitment process and offers employers a way to interact with prospective employees in a modern setting. Recruiters and hiring managers can watch video recordings, review candidates and simply select the best talent using a desktop interface or on their own Cammio Recruiter App.

The web-based application is based on WebRTC, the future gold-standard in browser-based video communication technology, and is made available for automated video interviews on Android devices as a first phase of development. Cammio temporarily offers an installed iOS App so that candidates can still leverage the benefits of online video interviewing on their iPad or iPhone. The installed iOS app and will be replaced with a web-based version once the technology becomes available on Apple devices.