[Live Webinar] HR Fair Tech

Reduce Bias and Increase Transparency-

In this webinar, we will discuss how HR plays a vital role in ensuring that we recruit, retain, and develop a diverse workforce on the basis of equal opportunity.

White Paper & eBook

Intelligent Hiring – The State of AI in Recruitment

Some experts liken Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a showdown in the recruitment world where humans will lose their jobs to machines hiring candidates. In this context, what is the current state of AI technology in HR? Are there already interesting use cases out there? How disruptive AI in recruitment really is?

Case study


Discover how a video-powered process enabled imec to upgrade their recruiting process, screen highly skilled profiles with technical assessments and make more efficient hiring decisions to successfully grow their company.

Info sheet

Why video recruitment works

Take a look at our infographic to discover why video is one of the most powerful tools to upgrade your processes and connect with great candidates.

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5 reasons why employers love video recruitment

This Ebook explores 5 reasons why employers love video recruitment to transform their hiring process and recruit greater talent, faster.


[OnDemand Webinar] Video Killed The Radio Star

HR Tech trend or disruption in candidate selection? What makes video the medium of choice to engage and select better in the millennial era?


[Ondemand Webinar] Key Recruitment Tech Trends in 2019

In this 30 minutes session, Walter Hueber, CEO at Cammio, shares the content of his research on 2019’s most insightful recruitment tech trends!


[Ondemand Webinar] The Future of Talent Assessment

Cubiks, an international assessment and talent development consultancy partnered up with Cammio to scope and improve talent evaluation using video recruitment technologies. Together, they review the new technologies & assessment landscape. Download the recording now!


[Ondemand Webinar] RPO & Expert Retail Recruitment at T-Mobile

Walter Hueber, together with Kevin Sebel, commercial manager at EN-HR solutions talks about how RPO and recruitment marketing dramatically increased retail hires at T-Mobile.


[Ondemand Webinar] High-Efficiency Hiring at The Adecco Group

Eveline De Munck, Manager Talent Acquisition at The Adecco Group gives us insights on how they reduced their time-to-hire by two weeks.


[Ondemand Webinar] Intelligent Hiring

Artificial Intelligence has been changing recruitment and human ressources with video, machine learning, matching algorithms, and more. Join Walter Hueber, Cammio’s CEO, to have a deeper look at the future of HR.

Guide / Tutorial

Buyer’s Guide | Video Recruitment Software Checklist

How do you select the video recruitment platform that best meets your needs? This guide provides a comprehensive checklist to help you select the right provider.

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Video Recruitment in Retail

Current trends in retail, job market developments, recruitment challenges and possible solutions.

White Paper & eBook

EU General Data Protection Regulation and Video Recruitment

What does the new GDPR legislation mean for organizations using – or considering to use – video interviews in their recruitment process? Is your current video recruiting process already GDPR compliant?

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Video-powered Graduate Recruitment

The graduate recruitment landscape, current trends, recruitment challenges and how video recruitment can offer possible solutions.

White Paper & eBook

International Recruitment

This white paper outlines the international recruitment landscape, current trends, recruitment challenges and how video recruitment can offer possible solutions.

White Paper & eBook

Tourism and Hospitality Recruitment

This white paper explains how tourism and hospitality employers can build high-performing teams easier, faster and more effectively using a video-powered process.

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Staffing and Recruitment agencies

This white paper outlines the staffing & recruitment industry, current trends and challenges, and how agencies can select the best talent faster, cheaper & better in a competitive market.

Case study


Discover how a video-powered process enabled in-tech to professionalise their recruiting process, speed up their processes, and make more intelligent hiring decisions to successfully grow their company.

Case study


See how staffing and recruitment agency 1ToDrive was able to match better qualified candidates faster than ever before using Cammio video interviews.

Case study


Using automated video interviews, Hunkemöller was able to gain a better first-impression early in the process and efficiently screen a high-volume of candidates to grow their company.

Case study


Using automated video interviews, WPP was able to bring a more human quality to the selection process, making it easier to identify the next star performers for their Graduate Fellowship Program.

Case study

Smart MBC

Smart MBC managed to create an efficient, involving and most of all, candidate-friendly recruitment process using Cammio video interviews.


[Ondemand Webinar ] GDPR for Recruitment

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming – are you ready? View this on-demand webinar to learn how this new legislation will affect recruitment and how to get started on your journey to GDPR compliance.