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Video recruitment software

Buyer’s Guide

This guide provides you with a comprehensive checklist to help you ask the right questions and identify the best video recruitment provider for your needs.

Separate the tools from the toys

Whether you are first venturing the world of video-powered talent acquisition or are already an experienced pro, we know the HR tech landscape can sometimes be tricky to navigate. You might ask yourself what criteria really matter in making the life of your candidates and recruiters easier, what features are essential and what are nice-to-haves. This guide is here to help you with your choice for the video recruitment platform that is best suitable for your team & process.

User experience

Is the platform easy-to-use and
accessible for everyone involved?
The most critical stakeholders in your recruitment process are your candidates.

A strong candidate experience can boost your ability to land the best talent. Choosing a partner that is putting the candidate experience at the heart of the process helps to strengthen your employer brand and successfully connect with the best talent.

Next to providing your candidates with a VIP experience, your hiring team also needs to be able to easily work with the technology. Using both video interviews and video job descriptions in your hiring should make your life easier. No matter how extensive the functionality, a simple and intuitive user-interface is key in making your video recruitment process a success.

Does the platform…

✓ work on all devices and without any required software downloads or installations?

✓offer an extensive Q&A section and live chat support?

✓offer a multilingual interface for both recruiters and candidates?

✓allow you to create customised candidate communication emails for every vacancy?

✓ have a consistent and intuitive interface for a fluid user-experience?

Video recruitment boost

Employer Branding

A strong brand impacts results whether qualified candidates will decide to join your team – or accept a competitor’s offer instead.
Does the platform…

✓ support hyperpersonal candidate outreach with video messaging?

✓ enable hiring teams to co-create video job descriptions, without the need for editing?

✓provide a customisable fully branded candidate interface?

✓ attract candidates with a clear call-to-action to increase conversion?

✓ provide introductory and closing videos as well as company trailers?

Having the right tool to communicate what it’s like to work for your organisation brings you one step beyond the competition.

Your employer brand is becoming increasingly important is today’s candidate driven market. Using video at this stage dramatically improves the conversion of your candidate outreach and career site.

Source with video messages and co-create your video job descriptions with the help of your hiring team to attract the best candidates around. Combine this with a fast, seamless and fully branded video interview process and your employer brand will be one to remember.

Video interview features

Make sure to focus on the functionalities you need to support your process and hiring goals.
An all-in-one platform with multiple interview products allows you to create custom processes throughout the different stages of your recruitment funnel.

Since no vacancy or candidate is alike, being able to create a tailored video recruitment approach is extremely important. A platform that offers multiple interview formats and has highly customisable interview settings (such as answering time and number of retries) provides the best options to successfully implement video interviews.

Does the platform offer…

✓ both synchronous and asynchronous interview formats?

✓an interview functionality that can be embedded into your application forms?

✓ smart scheduling for live interview appointments with candidates?

✓ a candidate reviewing tool including rating and feedback?

✓ real-time recruitment analytics to monitor and optimise processes?

✓ integrated assessment and data analysing tools to help you predict the right match?

✓ adjustable settings to create tailored interview workflows?

✓ a question library to manage your video/ text questions and script your interviews?

✓ candidate evaluation pages for external reviewers?

Onboarding & consulting

Change management is a crucial part of introducing a video-powered recruitment strategy
Does the provider…

✓ have a comprehensive on-boarding program in place?

✓ pro-actively share best practices and tips?

✓ offer unlimited support with a short response time?

✓ offer supporting documentation on FAQ and platform usage?

✓ provide a dedicated client success manager that pro-actively supports you?

✓ provide optional training to equip your team?

Select a knowledgeable and experienced vendor that is invested
in your (hiring) success.

Video recruitment is in many cases new initiative within your recruitment process. This requires proper implementation, on-boarding, and ongoing support in making your new technology work. Your selected video recruitment partner should be the expert when it comes to successfully implementing and using video in the hiring process. Change management, training, supporting documentation, and consultancy will play a key role in getting your team up to speed and achieving your desired ROI.

Integration capabilities

Using multiple tools and technologies in concert enhances process efficiency & results in a smoother user experience for all.
Make sure that the specialist expertise of your video recruitment solution syncs with your bigger HR ecosystem

While some choose to use their video platform as stand-alone functionality, most companies will need the video interview functionality to be closely integrated with their existing HR systems (like an applicant tracking system). Integrating with exiting systems shouldn’t pose any great challenges for modern video recruitment providers that have a proper API in place.

Does the supplier…

✓ have an extensive REST API integration framework in place?

✓offer standard integrations with a broad range of HRIS and ATS systems ?

✓ offer project management to build custom integrations?

✓ offer a single sign-on solution (SSO) that allows one-click access and authentication?

✓deliver a system that is compatible with data exchange standards defined by HR Open Standards Consortium?

✓support the implementation of online assessments in the video recruitment workflows?

Data privacy & security

Keeping your candidate data safe and secure at all times should be a supplier’s top priority.
Does the platform…

✓ meet the strictest international data protection regulation and security requirements, including GDPR?

✓ store data in a certified data center region of your own choice?

✓ allow you to easily manage candidate consent, data retention and data access settings?

✓ have a proper data breach notification process in place?

✓ meet the latest security standards including ISO27001, SOC1, SOC2 and SOC3?

When it comes to legal compliance and data security you shouldn’t cut corners.

When using video interviews, you are collecting and processing personal data of candidates.

Make sure your video recruitment provider meets the highest technical and organisational security standards and is up-to-date with the latest online security protocols to keep your employee and candidate information secure.