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The person behind the CV – Automated interviews in umantis Talent Management

The integration of automated interviews (video/audio) in umantis Talent Management provides a lasting positive experience on both sides of the recruiting process that inspires and connects talents and companies. Offer all candidates the opportunity to show themselves in all their facets and create personal, fair and efficient processes that fit seamlessly into umantis Talent Management thanks to the integration.

Easily invite candidates to automated interviews and view completed interviews directly in umantis Talent Management. Video recruiting magic in just a few clicks 🪄

Automated interviews are an essential part of our recruiting process for selected candidates. This process enables a fast and flexible process that considers individual facets of the candidate as well as their CV. The integration into our applicant management system from umantis ensures a smooth overall process, as the initiation and screening of interviews by our recruiters and the business departments is done directly in the system.”

Johanna Ingermann (M.A.) – HR Projektmanagerin | Strategic Project Management | Human Resources
Engaging candidate experience
Shorter Time-to-Hire
Overall picture of candidates for fair decision-making processes

Do you also like to use the video recruiting magic? 🎬

We are looking forward to get to know you and your recruiting highlights and challenges!

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