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Video recruitment 101

What different types of video interviews are there?

Different video interview formats enable users to create tailored processes for any time zone, level of seniority and interview stage. Here’s an overview of the 3 most common video interview types.

What is an automated interview?

An automated interview is a structured way of interviewing where the candidate answers a pre-recorded set of questions with a video recording at their convenience.

Automated video interviews are sometimes also referred to as on-demand interviews and are most commonly use as a second stage selection tool. Allowing recruiters to ask more than one question and gain deeper, more detailed insights into their candidates, this interview type is often used as a replacement for a phone interview or an e-assessment.

The automated interview allows candidates to answer the interview questions at their convenience, while still be able to show off their skills, personality, and charisma. This gives recruiters the chance to gain a better understanding of their candidates and screen more candidates in less time. Since each candidate answers the exact same questions, this interview type also ensures a consistent and more fair process.

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What is a live video interview?

The live interview is a real-time interactive online conversation between a candidate and one, or multiple, interviewer(s).

The live interview is most often used as an efficient substitute for the first-round on-site interview. When recruiting for highly specialist roles or dealing with talent-scarcity, the live interview is also commonly implemented earlier in the process to connect with talent throughout the process in an efficient but personal way.

A live interview allows recruiters and candidates to gain all the insights of a traditional face-to-face meeting, but without difficult scheduling, travel time or expenses involved. Interviewers can easily meet candidates across the globe via the webcam and record conversation for reviewing purposes or to share with other stakeholders in the process.

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What is a video pitch?

The video pitch is a 30 seconds’ video recording in which a candidate can present himself to a future employer and can motivate why he/she is the right fit for the job and the company.

The video pitch is commonly used to pre-screen candidates and most often implemented at the very first stage of the process; in the application form or right after the CV selection. Capturing a more personal and authentic picture of the candidate, this video interviewing type is most often used as a complement to the CV or as a complete replacement of the motivation letter.

The open format of the video pitch allows candidates to let their personality shine through and truly express their motivation. This allows recruiters to gain deeper insights into their candidates early in the process, making it easier to efficiently separate the wheat from the chaff.

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