Are you still dazzling your candidates with endless chunks of text? They deserve better than that!

The days of text-based job descriptions are over
Easily co-create video vacancies for maximum candidate engagement!
Why video vacancies?
It's the text-less way for genuine engagement with your candidates
Conversion rates & brand engagement

Including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%. Cammio Stories saves you from the troubles of video editing but gives you full control to co-create your video, so that you can present an authentic employer brand specifically tailored to your vacancy.

Establish a personal connection

Adding video to a job description allows you to establish a personal connection early-on in the process. What better way to introduce yourself than literally showing candidates around your office and introducing them to their potential new colleagues?

Easy co-creation with the entire hiring team

Collect content from your colleagues so that the entire hiring team can contribute to engaging candidates. They record or upload a video on the job, tasks, team or company culture, whatever you think will be relevant to the candidates. All you need to do is hit the upload button.

How it works
Easily co-create video content for job vacancies
  • Think about the key topics you want to include in your video. What is the story of your vacancy?

  • Ask your colleagues to shoot and submit short (smartphone) clips about each topic.

  • Review the clips you received. You can either accept or re-invite someone to submit a video.

  • Add a start and end message and don't forget the call to action.

  • Upload and let Cammio do the magic of combining your clips into an amazing story.

  • Embed on your careers page, promote and wait for the first excited applicants.

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