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|  Engage

Provide candidates with the freedom to engage with you from any location and with any device. With your employer brand front-and-center, talent will be able to enjoy an attractive candidate experience that is much more personal than an application form.


|  Interview

The structured interview on the Cammio platform gives you a reliable first impression, increasing the probability of a good match. Add competencies and rate and collaborate with the hiring manager. Let the candidate’s personality amaze you.


|  Select

Select the best candidates based on a combination of personality and competency insights. Now you and your hiring manager can think about what’s beyond the CV and look at the true candidates. We promise you, you will never want to go back.


Every vacancy deserves a video

Tell the story behind your vacancy

One of the big challenges in candidate attraction is clear and authentic communication. How often have you read about a ‘vibrant international team’ or the perk of ‘exciting weekly afterwork drinks’? Right, way too often! Videos are THE way to present a real impression of your vacancies, and that’s why every vacancy deserves its own. Introduce the team, show candidates around the office, explain job responsibilities- and increase candidate conversion- video style!

Higher conversion | Authentic impression | Real

Employer brand.... and ACTION!

Creating videos has never been easier

Who could be a better spokesperson to provide insights into the day to day reality of your organisation, the workplace or department than the employees that already work there? Simply invite your colleagues to contribute with user-generated content for your script. Once all the video answers are in, you are all set to generate a unique video vacancy and embed it on your career page or share via social media.

Build the script | Co-create with your colleagues |  Publish

Create your personal interview workflows

Easily set up new vacancies and customize your interview workflow to create a tailored process that will help you meet your recruitment objectives.

No candidate or vacancy is alike. We have built our platform to help you achieve your desired results with highly flexible and customizable settings. Easily set up new vacancies and modify your interview workflow to create a tailored process that is as unique as you are. Switch between video pitch, automated or live interviews, as necessary, throughout different stages of your recruitment process. Adjustable parameters include language, answering time, recording options and interview deadlines with just a few simple clicks.

Choice in interview types   |   Easy configuration   |   Customizable workflow

Script and structure your interviews

Manage your interview questions in the Cammio question library. Create your own or use our Question Engine to efficiently script and structure your interviews.

Add your own questions in both video and text format to be used in your custom interview templates. We also provide the Cammio Question Engine, offering you pre-defined competency and role-based interview questions. Scripting interviews has never been easier. Use video questions to further personalize the interview experience, showcase your company culture, and introduce important team members, like hiring managers and senior leaders, to your candidates.

Video and text questions   |   Question Engine   |   Tag and filter

Engage with candidates

Upgrade your recruitment process and enhance your candidate experience with strong employer branding tools in an intuitive user interface.

Our easy-to-use technology ensures a best-in-class branded candidate experience. Simply add your employer branding videos from YouTube, include documents and create custom email templates to personalize the candidate workflows. Our accessible support function includes live chat to ensure a best-in-class user experience. Available on desktop and mobile, Cammio allows candidates to conduct their video interview anywhere, anytime.

Great UI Design   |   Custom Branded   |   Powered for Mobile

Get the full picture

Review candidate recordings online to gain insight into who they are and efficiently select the best matching candidates to join your team.

Meet the person behind the CV and get a better, more complete, impression with a video recording. Watch the recorded answers or a recording of the live interviews. Provide textual feedback and numerical ratings based on linked competencies for example. Rate, review and share candidate interviews remotely on PC, tablet or mobile on a maximum-security platform. It’s time to start meeting talent and stop focusing on paper exclusively.

Great first impression    |    Feedback and rating   |   Easily evaluate candidates

Collaborate in your selection

Securely share candidate recording with in- or external stakeholders to involve them in the selection process and make informed hiring decisions.

Hiring decisions are rarely made alone. Ask your colleagues or clients for interview feedback, regardless of where they are located. Send specific segments or entire interviews to your hiring stakeholders and enable them to efficiently review and rate from their desktop or mobile devices. Reviewers’ watch and review candidate recordings and help you make the best decision in a collaborative, structured selection process.

Involving process   |   Secure sharing   |   Collaborative decisions

Intelligent hiring decisions

Utilise the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify the best candidates faster and make more intelligent hiring decisions. 

By extracting a unique combination of tonality, linguistic analysis and verbal reasoning, Cammio Xpress Analytics™ helps make sense of your talent pipeline with a real-time analysis of candidates’ personality profile. Whether you are looking for guidance on individual candidates or want to benchmark applicants against a reference match profile, Xpress Analytics™ helps predict the right match with more accuracy and less bias.

Predictive hiring    |    Matching algorithm    |   Deep learning capability

Monitor. Analyze. Optimize.

All the insights you need to track and optimize your video recruitment processes with our comprehensive graphical monitoring dashboard.

It’s not enough to say that candidates and clients love our platform, we have the stats to prove it. Our reporting dashboard gives you a detailed overview of your account activity in real time. Providing insights into metrics such as number of completed interviews, candidate ratings, conversion rates and top-lists, the Cammio dashboard enables you to easily track and optimize recruitment funnels per vacancy or recruitment period.

Visual dashboard   |   Real-time reporting   |   Interview analytics

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