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We know you are busy and so are your candidates, which is why we offer video interviews that enable you to engage with any candidate, in any place and at any time. Enjoy the flexibility of interviewing with our live, automated and video pitch Cammio products that offer a solution for any time zone, level of seniority and interview stage. On top of that, we offer great features such as scheduling, personality insights and real-time recruitment analytics. Our international team of recruitment specialists understands your business and knows how to deliver on your objectives. We also play nice. By providing one of the industry’s most powerful API’s to seamlessly connect our platform to any other platform.

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We believe that our platform should offer a positive experience for your most valued stakeholder: the candidate. Our clients feel the same way which is why they continue to make us a key component in their recruitment process. They know that beyond our intuitive platform and sleek branded interface, candidates are offered full support along the way. Recruiters and hiring managers are no longer bogged down with traditional screening methods that offer limited predictive value. Recruiters and hiring managers can work collaboratively in choosing candidates at any stage by having great videos delivered to them to both simplify, and yet enhance, your recruitment process.

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We all know that long drawn out recruitment processes lead to one thing, loss of good talent. At Cammio, we offer you a solution to time wasting processes, after all, our motto is ‘No talent to waste’! Imagine not having to factor the recruiter schedule with the candidates for the initial telephone interview, or taking time zones into consideration. Engaging talent has never been easier. Simply invite candidates to an online interview or allow them to add their motivation in video format with their application. Video recruitment with Cammio puts agility in your process and helps top talent land their dream job… at your organization. Power your selection process with Cammio today!

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Purpose build for hiring

Purpose built for hiring

Cammio was developed for and with recruiters to power their daily work. We provide an easy-to-use, flexible and customizable platform.


We’ve got your back

We’ve got your back

We are invested in your success every step of the way. Our platform is backed by first-class support for clients and candidates, always!


Enterprise Ready

Enterprise Ready

Some of the most respected employers rely on Cammio to protect their candidates on a robust, secure and scalable video recruitment platform.


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