• Make your first impression count

    First round interviewing can be so much more effective and fun. Power your recruitment pre-selection process with Cammio to improve your quality-of-hire.

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    Cammio is a powerful cloud-based video recruitment platform helping candidates and employers towards better hiring matches with a visual first impression. Have a look at our innovative platform and see what video recruitment can do for your organization.

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    Enhance the candidate profile by expanding your automated video interview workflow with a range of selected e-assessments. Simply add motivation, personality or competencies to your video interview to get a full view of candidates right from the start of the application process.

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    Cammio comes included with a free mobile App that enables a portable end-to-end video interview workflow from the palm of your hand.

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Make your first impression count

First round interviewing can be so much more effective and fun. Power your recruitment pre-selection process with Cammio to improve your quality-of-hire.

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  • "Cammio has brought a more human quality to our interview selection process. Now we are not just reading words on a page, we are having the first conversation with our candidates. "
    - Jon Steel, WPP Fellowship Director
  • "Using Cammio enabled us to recruit candidates not only across the country, but also beyond its borders. The implementation of video in our recruitment process offered us a way to increase our recruitment efficiency and at the same time provide a candidate-friendly process that fits their preferences. "
    - Sandra Kluza, Smart MBC
  • "Using Cammio video recruitment, we are able to present candidates to our clients much faster than before. This allows EN-HR Solutions to gain a competitive edge. "
    - Kevin Sebel, EN-HR Solutions
  • "Cammio allows our candidates to showcase their personality and present themselves in a more personal way. We’ve selected Cammio's video pitch functionality as this offers us the best options in terms of integration, functionality and user experience. "
    - Frank van Gool, OTTO Work Force
  • "Creating a great ‘on brand’ experience for the applicant, and at the same time being able to get a truly efficient recruitment process is what we have accomplished together with Cammio. We have been successful in getting the best of two worlds into one process!"
    - Suzanne Jansonius, Hunkemöller
  • "We are delighted with Cammio as meeting with candidates online allows us to make a much better assessment of the candidate before progressing the job application. It improves the candidate assessment considerably and saves a huge amount of time. "
    - Karen Wilson, Odyssey Recruitment
  • "Cammio live interviews offers us a great alternative for on-site interviews. Using online video interviews, we are able to screen more candidates in less time, without loss of quality. This allows us to gain an important competitive edge."
    - Kim Louwagie, House of Talents
  • "Cammio allows us to accelerate the application process. The system is easy to use and a super-experience for both candidates and clients... a genuine CV 3.0. "
    - Remco Beijer, Recruit a Student
  • "Online video interviews allow flexibility when it comes to evaluating candidates and gives you a real feel of whom you are listening to. The customer service at Cammio is fantastic. Throughout the process we received on the spot solutions in the friendliest manner."
    - Ulrike Mangold, EPSO
  • "The use of video interviews allowed us to improve our selection process. Compared to on-site interviews it saves us time and money, compared to phone interviews it provides us with more valid personal diagnostic results. Moreover we appreciate the fast and extreme high service-level Cammio provides."
    - Dimitri Knysch, METRO


Cammio Launches new office in Cologne, Germany

November 23, 2016

Cammio is opening a new office in Cologne, Germany. The new office is following the company’s strong growth in the German market where it already operates an office in Berlin. The extension further strengthens Cammio’s positon in German market where it already works with renowned clients such GALERIA Kaufhof, Aurubis and In-Tech.

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