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Automated interviews

Ready to nail your
automated video interview?

We’re here to guide you all the way through!

What is an automated interview?

An automated video interview consists of preset questions that you can answer with a recording- anytime, anywhere!

What you’ll need for an automated video interview

Reach a bigger audience with video recruitment
Internet connection
Someplace quiet

Any questions left unanswered?

No, just like a face-to-face interview you’re not given the questions in advance.

The employer decides whether you will be able to re-record your answers or not. The number of recordings per questions is shown in the interface on the right bar during the interview. Please note, if you decide to re-record, your previous recording will be discarded and cannot be used.

Before attempting anything else, try using an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Please check if you have allowed the browser to access the microphone/webcam. If it still doesn’t work close the browser completely and restart the interview by clicking on the interview link.

You can use the same interview link from the email to return to the interview. You will be prompted to complete a webcam test again (Laptop/PC only) and will resume from the point where you left off. You will not start from the beginning.

No, once you have moved forward to the following question, your last answer will be saved and you can not go back.

The interview deadline is communicated in your invitation email as “complete by”. The link will no longer be valid after this date. You may take as long as you need for the interview once logged-in.

This means the due date for your interview has passed. If you would like an extension on your interview due date, you will need to contact the company you applied to with this inquiry.

For immediate the Cammio support chatbot on the right buttom side of your interview will help you. You can also contact Cammio support via email on

The available answer time per question is set by the company you are applying to. When conducting your interview, the maximum answer time per question is shown in the interface on the right bar. You don’t need to fill the maximum answering time, you can submit your answer before.

You can complete your video interview on the smartphone (Android or iOS), tablet, or Laptop/PC. When using an iOS device, copy the link from your invitation and paste it in your Safari app.

You can conduct your interview using one of the following browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer. Always make sure you have the most recent browser version available.

Yes, you can practice your video interview as often as you like with the free online practice tool.

To be prepared is half the victory. Our interview set up video tips and ‘How To Nail A Video Interview‘ guide provide you with useful tips & tricks to support you in your preparation.