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Cammio lauches recruitment video messaging functionality Clips

The Hague/Düsseldorf, 20 May 2021- The experts at Cammio Video Recruitment today announce the launch of Cammio Clips, a brand new extension to the award-winning video recruitment platform that enables users to record and share video messages anytime, anywhere! Cammio Clips helps recruiters to engage talent with video and fits Cammio’s ambition to replace written text by video wherever possible throughout the entire talent journey.

“Video messages can be an antidote in today’s often highly automated talent acquisition processes, that can oftentimes be perceived as spammy.”, Walter Hueber, co-founder and CEO at Cammio explains. “Cammio Clips is a fun and engaging way to make hiring personal again. Communicating emotions and truly connecting have become more essential skills for recruiters in a world where remote hiring has become the norm.”

Cammio Clips empowers recruiters on the platform to create video content and use it in their search for talent. Users can simply open the video recorder from the user interface in one click or use the Chrome extension to launch a recording. Candidates can view the recording embedded on a branded landing page and see the recruiter’s contact details.

Video is known to improve the retention of messages as well as click and response rates. “It is the ideal way to stand out in your candidate’s often overfull inboxes by adding a personal touch to every conversation you have.” according to Hueber. The engagement this brings has the potential to build trust in every stage of the hiring process. On top of that recruiters get to establish a personal connection while saving time spent on composing emails. The new feature is now available to Cammio users around the globe.